Using Kaltura in Canvas – a self-paced course

Kaltura is a video platform that allows instructors and students to upload, publish, and edit videos and to embed them directly in a Canvas course. As an instructor, you can also use Kaltura to create interactive video quizzes.

UBC now offers a self-paced Kaltura training course for anyone interested in using Kaltura with Canvas. This course includes six self-guided modules that can be accessed in any order, covering the following topics:

  • Getting Started — adding media to a course, creating webcam recordings, and assigning copyright permissions.
  • Media Editing Tool — using the Kaltura Editor to chop and slice videos.
  • Interactive video quizzes — creating and editing quizzes using the Kaltura Editor and commenting on Media using Timestamps,
  • Course Media Gallery — creating playlists in the Media Gallery and
  • Media Management — downloading Media, adding attachments to media, and adding Chapters and Slides to videos.
  • Assignments and Discussions — interactive video quiz with the Canvas Gradebook and video assignments, grades, and discussions.

Check out the Using Kaltura in Canvas course.