Project update: Improved threaded discussions coming to Canvas by Term 2

This past semester, the Canvas implementation team received a number of requests for changes to be made to the way that threaded discussions are displayed in Canvas. We’ve heard your feedback! Before the start of Winter Term 2, we’ll be launching a new and improved look for threaded discussions.

Vertical bars will be added to the left side of threaded posts to indicate the level of response. A top-level response to a discussion question will not display any bars, a reply to a top-level response will display one bar, and a reply to a reply will display two bars. (And so on.)

To create a threaded discussion, select “allow threaded replies” when creating a new discussion question or prompt.

The new look will be available by mid-December. We hope you like it! If you have ideas for ways that Canvas could be improved, you can submit your suggestions directly to Canvas or get in touch with UBC’s Canvas implementation team.