Preventing removal of Gradebook column data

Canvas has improved the Gradebook so that it exports all columns, including UBC-specific column data (i.e., student number, lecture section, and lab/tutorial section).

Tips to ensure the integrity of the Gradebook:

  • Download the Gradebook just before adding and importing grades. Students may change sections, and those changes won’t be retained if you aren’t using the most recent version of the Gradebook.
  • Rows can be removed from exported grades, which can be useful for TAs who only need to focus on certain sections of a cross-listed course. However, columns should not be removed.

If you have questions about uploading grades to the Gradebook or any of the above, please contact your faculty’s Instructional Support Unit (UBC Vancouver) or the Centre for Teaching and Learning (UBC Okanagan). You can also reach out to the Learning Technology Hub for assistance.