Learning tools in Canvas vs. Connect: iPeer, iClicker, Webwork & Library Online Course Reserves

If you used the learning tools iPeer, iClicker, Webwork or Library Online Course Reserves with Connect, there are a few things you’ll want to be aware of when using these tools with Canvas.


If you used iClicker in your Connect course, your iClicker software will be configured to operate with that platform and will not connect with Canvas.

The most straightforward way to get iClickers set up with Canvas is to uninstall your existing iClicker software and then reinstall the latest version. Then, follow these steps from the iClicker Tool Guide to set up iClicker with Canvas.


In the Connect era, student rosters from Connect could be synced directly with Webwork, which meant that students could be added to their Webwork courses without ever having to log into Connect.

Currently, Canvas student rosters can’t be added directly to Webwork. We’re working on a solution to allow this sync to happen in the background, but for the time being two things need to happen for students to be added to your Webwork student roster:

  1. A link to Webwork will need to be created in Canvas via an assignment.
  2. Your students will need to log into Canvas and follow the link to Webwork to be added to your Webwork student roster.

Instructions for giving your students access to Webwork are available on the Webwork Tool Guide.

Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR)

Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) is UBC’s tool for requesting course reserves and making them available to students. This tool could previously be accessed by students from the Library tab in Connect. In Canvas, there is no default Library tab, but you can make LOCR accessible in Canvas through the course navigation menu, in a module, or on a page.

If you have already selected your course reserves using LOCR via the “Library” tab in Connect, you won’t need to select your course reserves again for Canvas.

Instructions for setting up LOCR in your Canvas course are available on the LOCR Tool Guide.


Previously, iPeer worked as a plugin for Connect and would appear within your course. iPeer can be synced with your Canvas student roster, but this tool needs to be accessed directly at ipeer.elearning.ubc.ca (rather than through Canvas).  

The instructions for setting up iPeer in your course and importing your Canvas student course roster can be found on the iPeer tool guide.

Get help with learning tools

If you have questions about using learning tools with Canvas, please get in touch with your faculty’s Instructional Support Unit (UBC Vancouver) or the Centre for Teaching and Learning (UBC Okanagan). You’re also invited to contact the Learning Technology Hub for assistance.